About Mage2Gen

What is Mage2Gen?

Mage2Gen is a module generator for Magento 2. With the extensive interface the user can generate the base code for a Magento 2 module that works instantly.

The following parts can be generated by Mage2Gen: controllers, models, blocks, template files, plugins (the new rewrites), observer, console scripts, product attributes and many more.

Once logged in, you can save all of the generated modules. This enables you to go back to a module and generate a part that you possibly forgot when you initially created the module.

When the module is complete, you can download it as a zipfile or direcly install it with a shell command.

We built Mage2Gen on the basis of Mage2Gen Python library.

The philosophy behind Mage2Gen

First and foremost Mage2Gen is meant to save time when creating new modules, in order to speed up the amount of modules available for Magento 2 and to encourage innovation for newer functionalities, with the ultimate goal to make Magento 2 at least as successful as Magento 1.

Secondly, we hope Mage2Gen aids you in improving your code. The real-time source code reviewer enables you to detect which files and codes are generated for the chosen parts. In case you are for example, not quite sure what is required to create system configuration fields, Mage2Gen will show you the minimum required files and parts when generating a system configuration file.